Where Can You Buy Kylie Jenner’s Sequin Bikini

Festival fashion is officially in season, with most of our favorite celebrities either performing or attending Coachella this April. My favorite look from the festival so far has been Kylie Jenner’s sequin bikini: An all-seeing eye design with fluorescent orange trim, which she paired with pastel rainbow braids. It’s a look you’d likely expect to see on someone more sartorially eclectic, like Miley Cyrus. But of course the  star rocked the style effortlessly, sharing different shots of the ensemble four times on her Instagram account.

So where can you buy Kylie Jenner’s white sequin wholesale bikinis two-piece? The answer is pretty obvious, if you look closely enough. The waistband and top trim of the bikini reveal that it’s from Discount Universe, an Australian brand known for its quirky and unique designs that often predominently feature sequin embellishments as well as eye and lip motifs.

The front page of the store’s site showcases Jenner’s high-waisted bikini  with each piece costing $119, making that a total of $238 for a two-piece that you shouldn’t swim in. The cost might be a drop in the water for Jenner’s festival style budget, but would likely be a luxury for most of us.

The brand arguably came into the public eye in 2015 after alleging that Miley Cyrus copied its designs for her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. Her costumes featured outfits similar to those of Discount Universe, also sporting sequins, eye, and lip designs.


Derrick Rose Unveils New Signature Shoes

Chicago Illuminating Company is tucked away just south of the Loop and approximately three baseball throws away from Chinatown on city’s near-South Side. It isn’t exactly hard to find, at least not when it’s marked by adidas flags and men as large as wookies in all black suits protecting the perimeter. On Thursday afternoon, the spot might as well have been the epicenter of the Chicago basketball scene. No, there wasn’t a ball bounced or a jumper hoisted, but fallen Bulls superstar Derrick Rose was very much in the house. His mere presence is likely enough to meet the criteria during these hoops-starved September days.

Rose was the man of the hour in new balance 574 running an elaborate adidas production showcasing his new signature apparel line for his chief endorser. Derrick Rose wasn’t only speaking candidly on-stage, he also hung on the walls, played on the television screens and was name-dropped in the accompanying hip-hop music blaring through the building.

There’s really no way of overstating just how ubiquitous D. Rose’s image was at an event like this. Adidas has a good one, and they know it. A video mashup of his commercials and top highlights played while a DJ spun cuts off “Cruel Summer” at uncomfortably high decibel levels. People drank complementary bottles of SmartWater as the speakers repeated “your chick, she’s so thirsty”. B.J. Armstrong held a door open for me. I talked to Derrick’s brother Reggie and nearly bumped into his mom Brenda by accident. Derrick has always spoke to the importance of those who raised and protected him, and would at this event, but his frantic travel and rehab schedule almost makes you wonder if this is what counts as a Rose family reunion this time of year. If so, at least they did it big.

There’s no cheering in the press box, of course,  but it’s hard to resist the magnetism and charm of Rose. He is very much a Grade-A celebrity in this town, though I can’t imagine anyone of his stature coming off as likable. As he talked about his shoes, the company and his rehabilitation, I found myself rooting him for to speak eloquently and not trip over his own words. He nailed it, by and large. While the equally relevant Jay Cutler flicks off cameras from a variety of angles and treats dealing with the press like doing homework, Rose doesn’t at all seem uncomfortable in a setting like the one on Thursday. It’s clear he realizes how fortunate he is to be blessed with such otherworldly athletic gifts, and his much talked about humbleness is nothing if not authentic. If it is indeed an act, he’s doing a damn fine job of keeping up the charade.

I did this last year, too: PHOTO ESSAY: Derrick Rose Meets Fans, Media At Foot Locker Appearance Rose was joined on stage by two men, a designer who resembled Dr. Tobias Funke and the VP of adidas basketball who had the posture of man worth more money than everyone reading this story combined. They lobbed softball questions at Derrick as he spoke about his new clothing line and not much else. I don’t think the Bulls were mentioned more than once during the 40 minute event, though Rose did touch upon his rehab in Los Angeles. Spoiler alert: Derrick Rose says he’s getting stronger everyday and just wants to win a championship. Front page stuff, right there.

It didn’t take long for my favorite moment to unfurl. It came from what I believe was the first question of the event. The VP, Lawrence Norman, asked Rose about his commercial shoot with Ken Jeong, the guy who plays Professor Chang on “Community”. This is, even without a response, a hilarious initial question. Rose, straight-faced, looked out at the audience and said: “It was cool. A new experience. That was my first time ever working with an actor. But he was so much more than an actor.”


Elsa Pataky Channels Her Inner Pop Star in Sexy Lingerie Spot

She’s so excited, and she just can’t hide it!

In a new ad for Spanish lingerie brand Women’s Secret, Elsa Pataky covers The Pointer Sisters’ “I’m So Excited” and stars in a super-sexy music video, bringing her own twist to the song.

Throughout most of the video, the Spanish-born actress, 39, sings and dances along to the high-energy song while wearing a black leather jacket open over a lacy bra. In other scenes, Pataky, who has three kids with husband Chris Hemsworth, flaunts her incredible figure while wearing only sexy undergarments from the label.

The rest of the video features scantily-clad women happily dancing around their rooms while trying on shoes, jumping on the bed and looking in the mirror — a typical morning, right?

“The best thing one piece lace lingerie I’ve got from coming to L.A. was meeting my wife — who is actually from Spain and who was lured here by Hollywood — and who I love very much, and that is the greatest thing over the last few years,” the actor and PEOPLE’s former Sexiest Man Alive said during an acceptance speech at the G’Day USA Gala earlier this year. “So, thank you, everyone, but especially my wife.”



One piece lace lingerie

A LINGERIE store operator one piece lace lingerie has gone to war with Yarra city council after her family were forced out of an unsanctioned apartment built at the back of the shop.

Helena Smirnis spent a year sleeping in the changerooms of her Collingwood business, Siren Doll, while building bedrooms for her school-aged sons without a permit.

Now she claims they will soon be homeless and living on the street because council officers have demanded they tear down the new structure.

“I have been leasing this shop for nearly 20 years and now Yarra city council have made my boys and I homeless,” she said.

“It comes under commercial and has a heritage overlay, but the building behind mine is under the same overlay and people live there in a three-storey apartment.

“The order followers at the council have no compassion and I think its more about money than safety.”

Ms Smirnis said the council was, technically, a private company and should focus on providing services.

“The local council is one piece lace lingerie unlawful and unconstitutional and they are acting illegally by removing me from my home,” she said.

one piece lace lingerie West sport matching bikinis in St Barts

Kim Kardashian  and North West sport matching bikinis in St Barts

Her parents are two of the most dedicated fashion followers on the planet.

And during North West’s recent holiday in St Barts, the two-year-old matched her mum’s beach style in a mini version of pregnant Kim’s black bikini,

The cute toddler was seen building sandcastles with Kim, 34, on the beautiful beach, enjoying some one-on-one time with her mum during the Kardashian-Jenner family vacation.

Just the two of us: Kim Kardashian enjoyed a beach day with her daughter North West, two, during the family’s recent holiday in St Barts

Little North, whose dad is Kim’s husband Kanye West, squeezed in some final hours at the beach during the family’s last day in the idyllic holiday spot, ready to enjoy the sunshine in her black two-piece.

The simple white-trimmed swimsuit was given a twist, with an a-symmetric top, while Kim had styled her daughter’s hair into a top knot.

Nori was still sporting the gold tattoo transfers which she had been rocking all holiday, matching her cousin Penelope, Kourtney Kardashian’s middle child.

Kim meanwhile was also in a black bikini, with her halter-neck top and tie-side bottoms showing off her famous curves and blooming baby bump.

Playtime: Nori was ready for an action-packed day in the idyllic vacation spot, with the tot dressed in a black bikini with white trim

Like mother one piece lace lingerie like daughter: Pregnant Kim, 34, coordinated with her little girl in her own black bikini, which showed off her blooming bump


Tamara Ecclestone models another of her tiny bikinis in front of a brightly coloured open top model

The daughter one piece lace lingerie of billionaire F1 mogul Bernie appears to prefer beachwear that’s a size too small for her, not that many men will complain.

In the latest of the photos she’s been posting to her Twitter page the 27-year-old poses in front of a pink open top car.

In the pink: Tamara poses in yet another teeny weeny bikini during her sunshine break in Mykonos, Greece

Staying in a luxury holiday complex, she has been constantly updating her Twitter page with posts and photos to keep her followers up to date on her movements.

Yesterday Tamara pushed a gold bandeau top looked to its limits struggling to cover her ample assets with the bikini top as she posed for a picture for her Twitter page.

Defying gravity: Tamara Ecclestone sported a gold bandeau bikini top that struggled to contain her assets as she holidayed in Mykonos

A make up free Ecclestone, 27, tweeted the picture from a bar this weekend as she relaxed on her third holiday this summer so far.

She was joined on the island by her stockbroker boyfriend Omar Khyami, 37, who also posed up for pictures as they enjoyed some nights out.

And they weren’t alone as the F1 heiress also invited Katie Price’s gay BFFs Gary Cockerill and Phil Turner.

Revealing: Tamara also wore a barely-there bikini when she holidayed in Sardinia ten days ago

She excitedly one piece lace lingerie tweeted some pictures of herself and the boys as they enjoyed the Greek nightlife and the hangover cures the following day.


one piece lace lingerie Conceal Your Flaws

Make the one piece lace lingerie Most of Lingerie – Conceal Your Flaws

When it comes to buying lingerie, it is as much about highlighting your best features as it is about concealing your flaws. Using lingerie to your advantage is a skill which can take quite a long time to master. Here are a few tips that will help you understand how best to wear lingerie so that only the best of your figure is in focus.

If you have a tummy – This can give you quite a panic attack, especially if you are planning to wear sexy lingerie to surprise your partner. The trick is to choose the right kind of lingerie that will keep that bulge away from view. Teddies and baby doll gowns are the best bet for you in such cases. These can be super sexy and at the same time effectively hide your tummy. Choose something which has a ruffled hem to draw attention to your legs. Fabrics like silk can work very effectively as well. Go for baby doll gowns that have a dark fabric covering the waist portion. Corsets are another great option. They will accentuate your curves and give the waist a narrower look. When used in combination with boy shorts, they can create a sensuous look. You can also try wearing garters and sexy high heels so that the focus remains on the lower half of your body.

If you have a small bust – Small breasts can easily be given a voluptuous look with padded and underwire bras. You can choose from different styles like push-ups and molded bras that will make your breasts look fuller. Bras with a deep V-neck uplift the bust and create a sexy neckline. And to go all out and look your smoldering best, nothing will beat the shelf bra. This style is the sexiest available for women with a small bust. Another strategy is to use thongs and G-strings to call attention to the lower half of your body.

If you have heavy thighs – The best way to conceal large thighs is by wearing lingerie paired with a short, yet full, skirt. Use skirts with a ruffled hemline to create the illusion of slimmer legs. Steer clear of lingerie styles that fit tightly on the thighs. Instead, wear stuff that will enhance the upper half of your body. Go with lacy, sheer bras, or bras with detailing on the top to emphasize the bust line.

If you have one piece lace lingerie short legs – Lingerie can be used to make legs appear longer. Styles that have a high cut on the leg will be able to do this effectively. You can also try a short chemise that ends just below the waist, or high cut tap pants, to make the lower half of your body look more appealing.

one piece lace lingerie T-shirt at fashion event

Gigi Hadid swaps one piece lace lingerie bikinis for printed trousers and T-shirt at fashion event

Off-duty beauty! Sports Illustrated model Gigi Hadid swaps bikinis for striking printed trousers and T-shirt to attend fashion event ByDaily Mail Reporter

She has made a name for herself on the pages of Sports Illustrated and can be seen in recently released pictures from a racy SISLEY jeans campaign in which she cuddles up to Ireland Baldwin.

But Gigi Hadid doesn’t need to be on a fashion shoot to stand out, and she seems to have mastered the art of off-duty dressing.

The 19-year-old model looked radiant at the Splendid Tanktastic Summer Party with PS I Made This in New York City on Thursday.

The beautiful blonde made a casual summer ensemble chic with the help of a pair of bright patterned trousers for the appearance.

Gigi teamed the dizzying bottoms with a plain white T-Shirt and silver sandals, while accessorising with a necklace and two bracelets.

She wore her locks parted in the middle and down, and had dewy make-up on her face to best showcase her naturally striking looks.

Natural: The Sports Illustrated model wore her blonde locks parted in the middle and down, and had dewy make-up on her face

The Sports Illustrated one piece lace lingerie model even joined in on the fun at the event as she custom made her own tank top with ‘Hadid’ emblazoned on the front of it.

Audrina Patridge shows off her amazing beach body in two bikinis in the Caribbean

Heating up one piecelace lingerie the sands! Audrina Patridge shows off her amazing beach body in two bikinis in the Caribbean ByShyam Dodge

And Audrina Patridge was clearly in a fashionable mood as she donned two skimpy bikinis for a day in the Caribbean.

The 28-year-old displayed her lean and long limbs as she baked in the tropical heat with her beau Corey Bohan on the island of Aruba, on Monday.

Looking her best: Audrina Patridge wore two skimpy bikinis for a day at the beach in Aruba, on Monday

For her very own fashion show on the white sands, Audrina donned a palm frond patterned two piece for her first ensemble.

The green and white accented swimwear fit perfectly to the contours of the slim reality star’s body.

Wearing a pair of eternally in style aviator sunglasses, The Hills alum looked to be enjoying her downtime in the tropical paradise.

But she soon grew tired of her tree patterned suit and opted for another set of skimpy beachwear.

In a mismatched bikini, featuring hot pink bottoms and a black top, the starlet floated on a pool toy in the calm Caribbean sea.

But the playful jaunt in the water did not last long as Patridge was spotted back on the beach reclining on a lounge chair.

Drinks on the one piecelace lingerie beach The attractive couple sipped on fruity beverages in the searing Caribbean heat as Audrina looked to have slipped into another bikini

one piecelace lingerie machine to lingerie manufacturer Speidel

Mayer & Cie. ships 70,000th knitting one piecelace lingerie machine to lingerie manufacturer Speidel

German knitting machine manufacturer Mayer Cie. (MCT) has delivered the 70,000th circular knitting machine in the company’ 110-year history in the last week of April.

The FV 2.0 double jersey machine was delivered for the knitted fabrics manufacturer Speidel, which is using the machine at its knitting factory in Bodelshausen, where the main production focus is on high-quality single jersey and fine rib lingerie, most of which is manufactured in body widths for optimal comfort.

For years Speidel has ordered the knitting machines solely from Mayer Cie. in Albstadt-Tailfingen.”We feel greatly honoured that the seventy thousandth Mayer Cie. knitting machine was supplied to us,”commented Hans-Jürgen Speidel, Production Manager at Speidel, who is in charge of the nearly 130 knitting machines at the company’ factory.

Constant quality Speidel knits between 90 and 100 tonnes of material per month, all for its own lingerie product lines, so the main focus – along with reliable machine performance – is on constant high quality of the knitwear.

Speidel mostly uses single jersey and fine rib machines that produce circular knitted fabric by the metre in standard body widths of between 12 and 20 inches and a variety of cotton blends, such as cotton and Modal or cotton and Elasthan. Less familiar materials like bamboo or a yarn based on algae also find their way via the knitting machine into the company’ latest lingerie collection.

“We naturally feel proud of delivering the seventy thousandth knitting machine to the customer, and we are especially proud that we are able to celebrate this occasion together with Speidel, a family firm like our own with a long tradition of innovation and a clear awareness of the merits of Quality Made in Germany,”commented Marcus Mayer, Managing Director and Production Manager at MCT.

Mayer Cie. knitting machinesMayer Cie. knitting machines developed and manufactured in Albstadt are mainly responsible for Speidel’ knitwear output. Over the past 15 years in particular, a large number of knitting machines with the green MCT logo have joined the machine pool.